Prosperity plan

Everything starts with a good plan. The Prosperity Plan helps you understand your real assets, and project what your financial future may hold. When you know where you are and where you're going, you can step confidently into what's next.

Like to get your hands dirty? You can purchase just a Prosperity Plan and implement the recommendations on your own. Want a more white glove style approach or somewhere in between? You can bundle it together as part of your Investment Management services. Whatever works best for you, we're here to help. We'll even share a sample if you want to see it before you buy.

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The Plan

An easy-to-read packet outlining who you are, your goals, your potential pitfalls, and your official investment policy statement, including how we think you should allocate your assets, and your personalized targets for investment returns. The plan also includes an analysis of your existing portfolio, a values-alignment assessment, our current list of investment recommendations, and visibility into how much you're really paying for fees. This becomes your go to game plan for moving forward in life.

right capital report

All the geeky, number-crunching stuff. The Right Capital report shows your retirement projections, debt repayment schedules, student loan options, tax strategies, insurance review, and investment analysis. This piece of your Prosperity Plan brings your financial present and future into focus.

supporting materials

Once we get a handle on your situation, we locate the targeted articles and other materials that are specific to you and your personal finances so you can walk away not only with our guidance, but with additional context and education to understand our guidance.

investor handbook

A Revalue exclusive. The Investor Handbook puts the wisdom and experience of our investment team into your hands by providing you with key educational resources that all investors need to further their education and understanding as a conscientious investor. You’ll also learn about

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