Investment Management

Discover all that Revalue can do for you. Revalue's comprehensive Investment Management services do the most to ensure your peace of mind, while also doing right by the world. Whether you're interested in community impact investing, ESG investing in the public markets, or a bit of both, we can meet you where you are. First time investors and multi-generational inheritors have a place in our socioeconomically inclusive community.

We have designed our investment management services to give you maximum flexibility. You can choose to either have us manage your investment accounts for an asset management fee or bring no accounts and pay a monthly fee instead. Either way, everyone gets a mission-forward Investment Policy Statement, financial planning, education, peer-to-peer connection, and access to investment research. If you choose to bring accounts, you also get portfolio management, performance reporting, and coordination with other professionals on your team.

Interested in knowing more? Check out our Client Brochure (Form ADV), which is linked at the bottom of our website, for details about our fees and services. Want to chat further? Schedule a time using the link below.

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