Investment Management

Discover all that Revalue can do for you. Revalue's comprehensive Investment Management services do the most to ensure your financial peace of mind.

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When you trust Revalue with your Investment Management, not only is our team of professional advisors available for year-round consultation, we can also take care of the paperwork, manage the trades, and have our team actively monitor investments to make the wisest recommendations, if you choose. No matter your approach you can rely on us to put your values and priorities first and work with you to keep your investments balanced, values-driven, and based on the best, most current information putting your finances to work for your community's health and your future.

How it Works

Investment Management services are retainer agreements that include the Prosperity Plan; quarterly huddles and annual reassessments ensure that your team is never out of touch with what you want and need from your money. Unlike most investment firms that charge fees based on how much money you have or what investments you purchase, Revalue’s fees are based on the complexity of your needs. After thoroughly understanding your situation and where the line is between work you want to do and work you want us to do for you, we will propose a fee that we feel is fair.

We Are Fiduciaries

As fiduciaries, we believe that this personalized approach is the best way to do what is always in our clients’ best interests, while allowing us to work with clients of any wealth and income level.

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