Who we are

Revalue is a pioneering investment advisory firm that empowers you to use your money as a vote for a more sustainable, more conscious, and more equitable world.

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What we are

Second-level thinkers

We strive to balance ideology with reality. Awareness, flexibility, and open-mindedness are key, especially in times of change.


We say please and thank you, show up on time, and finish what we start.


We feel a deep responsibility towards our community and our planet. We pledge to do what we say and stand by our people, regardless of the ups and downs.


We value relationships. We believe and act in transparency. We eat our own cooking.

here to serve

We serve the people and planet through humility, objectivity, non-judgement, and compassion.

Focused on Growth

We nurture and celebrate personal and professional growth within our team.

Revalue is proud to be a Certified B Corporation®. Certified B Corporations® are businesses that balance profit and purpose and foster a fresh vision for an inclusive and sustainable economy. Becoming a Certified B Corporation® means becoming a corporate leader in social and ecological performance, working not just for profit, but for the welfare of our employees, communities, and environment. Learn more about how we scored in key areas by checking out our public profile.

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