Whether you have a neighborhood association or a global conference, our team can be deployed to speak where investors and business owners gather. Topics can span from personal finance to impact investing, from investment crowdfunding to how to shop for a financial advisor, and everything in between. We've educated over 5,000 people globally since our 2013 founding, because we believe that access to education is the key to making prudent financial decisions.

We don't require a speaker fee, but we do appreciate stipends so we can reinvest those funds into helping low income families access high quality financial services. Schedule an appointment to explore how we can add value to your audience or ask us for past speaker video samples if you want to get a sense of our vibe.

Looking for some resources right now? Check out our most recent work.

Grubstake: Local investing resources and videos tailored to Michigan investors
The MILE Act: Crowdfunding in Michigan
Investment Crowdfunding Field Guide: Guidance for technical assistance providers
Local Investing for Investment Advisors: Resources for fellow peers
2020 Washtenaw County Capital Flow: Analysis of private and public capital flows

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