Not ready for a full-service relationship with an advisor or having someone else manage your portfolio, but still in need of guidance, resources, and education? This service is for DIYers like you!

Clients choosing this lower cost option get a customized Investment Policy Statement, one-on-one time with Revalue's paraplanners, access to RightCapital (financial planning software), and peer-to-peer collaboration and educational resources within the Collaborative (Revalue's online community).

Looking for help right now?

We have big love for our growing community, and are therefore taking time and space for the remainder of 2023 so we can develop deeper relationships with our existing clients.
During this time, we are exploring how well our systems function under immense growth,
as we excitedly look to the future and a vision that can take us there.

If you need personalized services and are interested in joining us in the future,
please complete this form to be contacted when we begin again in 2024.
If you need immediate support or advice, please contact us for referrals to like-minded peers.

Revalue is still engaging family offices and organizations who are
engaging in change-making impact investments during our retail sales pause.
We are open to a conversation about your interests and how we might help.
Please submit an inquiry so we can explore your needs.

Interested in knowing more? Check out our Client Brochure (Form ADV),
which details our backgrounds, services, and fees. Our fees are also detailed in this standalone document.

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Under the Trusted Guidance Plan, investors maintain their own account administration. Quarterly huddles keep Revalue updated on your goals, circumstances, and ideas, and keep you up to date with the latest market information, research, and strategy to keep you focused on your investment goals. The Trusted Guidance Plan also includes annual reassessment of your Prosperity Plan to account for changes in your financial data and the setting of new goals. Revalue is on-call for its Trusted Guidance clients year-round.