Doing Good is Good Business

February 4, 2021

The climate is ripe for investors to tie their financial futures to social good.  

What we do flies in the face of any traditional idea of investment. 

We don’t target volatile markets for quick gain. 

We don’t zero in on packaged funds for the sole purpose of generating higher fees.

Frankly, we do not chase the market. Because values-based investing is meant to be its own certainty. Its own reward.

Think of us as an influx of goodwill that gives your existing portfolio more purpose. 

That said, we do mitigate risk and guide our investors so that we can find that healthy balance between values-based and financial returns. There are very concrete ways to invest in positive change AND build wealth—frequently the people we work with reinvest that wealth in more good causes. 

We’re determined to create a new financial cycle: 

  1. Invest where you can make a difference
  2. Witness the impact
  3. Return and grow your investment

Our team is propelled by the internal joke that “We’re in the business of getting to zero assets under management" (AUM). Put more judiciously, we understand the risks and know that returns won’t always be stratospheric with community investments, but we believe the social rewards outweigh the investment. The more capital we can deploy into the community the better.

It’s this honest approach that allows us to grow as individuals and as a firm—and to build lasting relationships with our investors. We love the work. 

A large piece of what we offer our clients is education. And while our knowledge base is primarily rooted in local, “backyard” investing, we jump at the chance to expand that knowledge by doing the research. After all, we are part of this new financial cycle we’re building, and that calls for personal growth on our end.

The climate—both culturally and environmentally—is ripe for investors to tie their financial futures to social good. We’re looking at a likely revolution in green energy as well as the emergence of new social projects spurred by an increasingly mindful generation of workers, holders of public office, organizers, and people engaged in civic life. 

It’s good business to do thoughtful business.     


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