Local Investing Education

Investing in your own backyard seems like a no-brainer to most but, knowing if it's right for you is another story. Revalue has worked tirelessly for years to create educational content that help inform investors of the opportunities and risks, while approaching the topic in a fun and relaxed way.

Our community investing education goes by the name Grubstake. Find resources, videos, and a schedule of events by visiting http://whatisgrubstake.com.

If you're local to us, consider joining over 300 other people in our Southeast Michigan Community Investing Meetup group.

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Under the Trusted Guidance Plan, investors maintain their own account administration. Quarterly huddles keep Revalue updated on your goals, circumstances, and ideas, and keep you up to date with the latest market information, research, and strategy to keep you focused on your investment goals. The Trusted Guidance Plan also includes annual reassessment of your Prosperity Plan to account for changes in your financial data and the setting of new goals. Revalue is on-call for its Trusted Guidance clients year-round.