Everything starts with a good plan. The Resiliency Plan helps you understand your current financial situation, where improvements can be made to build a more resilient future for yourself and your community, and what resources may be available to help you accomplish your goals. When you know where you are and where you're going, you can step confidently into what's next.

The Resiliency Plan is customized to your needs. Analysis typically covers areas such as retirement, tax, education, insurance, fees, portfolio review, and values-alignment. The process takes 1-3 months, during which clients get to take advantage of access to RightCapital (financial planning software) and the Collaborative (Revalue's online community platform).

This is a perfect option for the investor that is DIYing their personal finances or who isn't ready to leave their current advisor. Thinking you might want an ongoing relationship? Check out our Investment Management services to see what we have to offer. Whatever works best for you, we're here to help. Refer to our Form ADV Client Brochure for more details about our services and fees.

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Whether you need an extra hand saving for college or putting together a budget, this a la carte services lineup can set you on the right path toward meeting your financial goals. Learn at your own pace through one of our web courses or get one on one video coaching with one of our Investment Advisors.

Coaching sessions are perfect for clients who aren’t ready for full-fledged financial planning or have a limited budget for getting help, but who still need some direction. These sessions can cover personal finance topics like budgeting, paying down debt, savings strategies for big goals, understanding the difference between various types of retirement accounts, getting on the same page with your partner about money, learning about investing locally, or about other kinds of asset classes.

If your needs start to bleed into bona fide financial planning or investment advice, we’ll let you know it is time for you to graduate out of coaching and into one of our other class of service offerings.

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