We are back from Summer Break!

She'Torriona Brown
Marketing Intern
September 4, 2020

Revalue pauses for a break every Summer and Winter, to take a step back, to breathe, and to really focus within to improve ourselves professionally. Let's take a moment to review some of our team's accomplishments over the break and how we plan to return the value to clients as we continue to grow.

Angela Barbash

I was fortunate enough to be able to assist our colleague Michael Shuman with his book, Put Your Money Where Your Life Is, by making myself available for interviews while he worked on the manuscript earlier this year. During the break, I listened to most of the book and found it to be a great new resource for our clients! I really loved that he included a list of things we can all do to 'invest' locally without actually shifting our portfolio if we're not ready for that yet. I am also most of the way through Small Giants by Bo Burlingham, which is about growing a company to be of the highest value to employees, customers, and suppliers while not trying to be the biggest company possible. I'm delighted to apply the lessons I learned and have connected with the Small Giants Community to help guide Revalue's growth in the most responsible ways possible.

Eric Davis

I'm nearly finished with the book Mastering The Market Cycle: Getting the odds on your side, by Howard Marks. One key point and one story that sticks in my mind: He hammers home that the markets are a pendulum, consistently over-correcting. Asset prices swing up in times of extreme optimism. On the way down, it doesn't stop in the middle but continues to swing in over-pessimism. Investing is very much an exercise of psychology and sticking to your guns when it's based on fundamentals. An example he uses is Isaac Newton and the South Seas Company stock in the 1700s. Isaac sold his stock in January for £700 after a significant rise in price. In July, the price peaked at £1,000+ but then dropped to £200 by year-end. Funny enough, Newton couldn’t resist jumping back in while his peers continued to hold. He bought back at the peak and lost £20,000 by year end. The point is the most intelligent of us can succumb to emotional responses.

Clara Balliet

I've been reading the book Thanks for the Feedback and have enjoyed learning about how to get more out of feedback. I didn't realize there were distinct types of feedback (appreciation, coaching, evaluation) and I have a whole new set of tools and experiments to try out in the real world. For our clients, I look forward to listening more actively and assuming every interaction can offer feedback on how we can make the client experience more delightful.

Michelle Hoexum

I have been practicing curiosity by creating questions that don't have answers. Also, I have been taking a class through Acumen to study the book written by their founder, Jacqueline Novogratz. I love her vulnerability with truth and failure. I recently heard a podcast with her brother, Michael, and Tim Ferriss and it made me like her even more. I've also been attending Yancey Strickler's weekly Bento check-in and am astounded at the people each week I get paired with. He also wrote a manifesto, This Could be Your Future. Let me know if you want to discover and play with me and the Bento!

She'Torriona Brown, Intern

I've been researching ways to become a better marketing strategist to improve my work and I was able to find some strategies that I will be applying at Revalue. I started reading The Brand Marketing Book, by Joe Marconi, which gives you tips about marketing, business names and etc. - almost finished! I also set aside time to improve my scheduling and updated my calendar to be more transparent on the times I am available for meetings. 

Orlando Kumaj, Intern

I was able to finish one of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam prep books, Financial Reporting and Analysis, which helped me to refresh topics from my MBA course work. The introduction was good and consisted of financial reporting and financial statements, describing the role of them in evaluating a company’s performance and financial position. I have more of an understanding of income statements, balance, and cash flow statements. 

Thank you for listening and we hope you check out some of these great works! Not a client of ours yet? Book some time today to see if we're the right fit for your values-driven investing needs.

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She'Torriona Brown


Marketing Intern

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